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Proposed ADB Entries for People Who Died 1991-95

Subjects are added to the Australian Dictionary of Biography in chronological order of death. From 2012, ADB staff will be adding entries for those who died in the 1990s, beginning with those who died in 1991 and working through the list by year of death.

Below is a list of people, who died between 1991-95, who have been chosen by the ADB's Working Parties to be included in the ADB. If you would like to nominate other significant Australians who died between 1991-95, please send an email to Please include a potted biography (100 words) of the person, and their full birth and death dates. We will contact you should we need further information.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no guarantee that your suggested nominations will be included. They will, however, be considered.

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ABAL, Tei (c1932-1994), politician
ABEL, Cecil (1903-1994), missionary and politician
ABOUD, Nicholas (1911-1992), company director and shirt manufacturer
ACKROYD, Joyce Irene (1918-1991), professor of Japanese
AHERN, John James (1904-1994), dairy farmer, political party chairman and councillor
ALBISTON, Harold Edward (1897-1994), veterinary scientist
ALLEN, Peter Richard Woolnough (1944-1992), singer
ALLWRIGHT, John (1927-1994), primary industry leader
ANDERSON, David Outram (1917-1994), chairman AMP Society
ANDERSON, Judith (Dame) (1898-1992), actor
ANDERSON, Margaret Irene (1915-1995), GM MV Empire Star
ANDREW, Richard Roderick (1911-1994), dean of medicine
ANDREWARTHA, Herbert George (1907-1992), zoologist
ANGELAKIS, George (c1920-1993), fish retailer
ANGELL, Herbert Raleigh (1893-1992), scientist, CSIRO
ANTILL, James Macquarie (1912-1994), engineer
ARGY, Victor Elie (1929-1993), economist and director, IMF
ARNOT, Jean Fleming (1903-1995), librarian and equal opportunity pioneer
ASHWORTH, Henry Ingham (1907-1991), architect
ASPREY, Kenneth William (1905-1993), judge and royal commissioner
AUSTIN, Mervyn Neville (1913-1991), professor of classics, University of Western Australia

BACON, Eva (1909-1994), community leader, feminist and resistance fighter
BADEN-POWELL, Frank (1929-1992), actor and entrepreneur
BADGER, Colin Robert (1906-1993), educator
BAER, Werner Felix (1914-1992), musician
BARDWELL, Leslie James (c1921-1995), police officer and forensic scientist
BARKER, Keith Austen (1898-1993), shipping agent and businessman
BARR, Margaret (1904-1991), choreographer and dance teacher
BARRY, Hugh Collis (1912-1994), orthopaedic surgeon
BASTEN, Henry Bolton (Sir) (1903-1992), vice-chancellor
BATTERHAM, Genevieve Louise (Genni) (1955-1995), film maker, activist, artist and multiple sclerosis sufferer
BAUER, Walter Ernest (1921-1992), tourist-resort developer
BEADELL, Len (1923-1995), surveyor
BEDBROOK, George Montario (Sir) (1921-1991), surgeon
BEHNE, Edmond Rowlands (Roly) (1906-1995), businessman
BELL, Guildford Marsh (1912-1992), architect
BELL, John (c1947-1993), fashion tycoon
BELLANTO, Anthony John (1907-1992), barrister
BENJAMIN, Phyllis Jean (1907-1994), politician
BENTLEY, Charles Walter (Dick) (1909-1995), comedian and actor
BERNDT, Catherine Helen (c1917-1994), anthropologist
BEVAN, Brian Eyrl (1924-1991), Rugby League footballer, expatriate
BIERWIRTH, Rudolph (1899-1993), army officer
BIRCH, Arthur John (1919-1995), professor of chemistry
BIRDSELL, Joseph Bernard (1908-1994), anthropologist
BIRN Ian Lee (1939-1993), artist
BLAIKIE, George Neil (1915-1995), author, journalist and historian
BLIGHT, John (1913-1995), poet
BLOCKSIDGE, Pauline Jennifer Luard (1932-1995), actor, director, dramaturge and drama teacher
BLUCK, Harry (1915-1991), band leader and unionist
BLUE, Thomas Crampton (1908-1991), businessman and sports administrator
BODEN, Alexander (1913-1993), manufacturing chemist, author and philanthropist
BOHEMIA, Jack (1900-1994), Aboriginal tracker
BOLTON, John Gatenby (1922-1993), radio astronomer
BONNEY, Maude Rose (Lores) (1897-1994), aviator and community leader
BONYTHON, John Langdon (1905-1992), company director
BOOMER, Garth (c1941-1993), educationist
BOWEN, Edward George (1911-1991), engineer and astronomer physicist
BRACEGIRDLE, Warwick Seymour (1911-1993), naval officer
BRADDON, Russell Reading (1921-1995), author, lecturer and expatriate
BRADLEY, Jeana (1906-1991), drama producer
BRAY, John Jefferson (1912-1995), chief justice and poet
BREEN, Marie Freda (1902-1993), welfare worker and Liberal senator
BRICKHILL, Paul Chester Jerome (1916-1991), writer, RAAF
BRIGGS, Ernest (1914-1994), Salvation Army chaplain
BRISSENDEN, Robert Francis (Bob) (1928-1991), poet, novelist, critic and academic
BROAD, Edmund George (1921-1993), judge and horseracing administrator
BROGAN, Mervyn Francis (1915-1994), army officer
BROTHERS, Peter Charles (1930-1995), dental reformer
BROWN, Olive (c1945-1993), Aboriginal community worker
BRYANT, Bert (1921-1991), race caller
BRYDEN, William (1904-1992), scientist, headmaster and museum director
BUCKNALL, John Graeme (1909-1995), clergyman
BUDDEN, Phil (1906-1991), chairman, advisory committee of the National Film Archive
BULGER, Violet Josephine, nee Freeman (1900-1993), Ngunnawal leader
BUNNING, Charles Robert (1905-1994), and Gavin McRae (1910-1994), businessmen
BUNTINE, Gladys Selby, née Spurling (1901-1992), Girl Guide Commissioner
BUNTINE, Noel Lynton (1927-1994), cattle-transport entrepreneur and horseracing administrator
BUNTING, (Edward) John (Sir) (1918-1995), head, Prime Minister's Department, secretary to cabinet
BURGMANN, Victor Dudley (c1916-1991), radio physicist; chairman, CSIRO
BURKE, Frances Mary (1907-1994), textile designer
BURKE, Joseph Terence (Sir) (1913-1992), art historian
BURKE, William John Gerard (1923-1994), neurologist
BURNISTON, George Garrett (1914-1992), physician and army medico
BURRAMURRA, David (c1917-1994), Aboriginal leader and artist
BUTLIN, Noel George (1921-1991), social science, economic history
BYRNE, Condon Bryan (1910-1993), politician

CAIGER, George (1903-1991), academic, author and broadcaster
CALDWELL, Amy (Starkie), née Stark (1910-1994), pilot and first WAAAF officer
CALDWELL, Clive Robertson (Killer) (1911-1994), WWII fighter pilot, group captain, textile and property businessman
CALLAGHAN, Allan Robert (Sir) (1903-1993), agricultural scientist and public servant
CALLAGHAN, Bede Bertrand (Sir) (1912-1993), banker and chancellor
CALLINAN, Bernard James (Sir) (1913-1995), army officer (WWII), engineer, chairman, Parliament House Construction Authority and Chairman, MCC
CAMPBELL, Alison Anne McArthur (1903-1995), physiotherapist
CAMPBELL, Frederick Alexander (1911-1995), politician, poultry farmer and poultry show judge
CAMPBELL, Robert Junior (1944-1993), Aboriginal artist
CARLISLE, Robert Maxwell (1936-1994), lawyer
CARR, Nina Livingstone (? -1992), teacher and headmistress
CARRODUS, Peter Rutherford (c1930-1994), radio manager
CARROLL, James Patrick (1909-1995), Catholic archbishop
CASELY, Elma Gertrude (1904-1995), physiotherapist
CATCHESIDE, David Guthrie (1907-1994), microbiologist and pioneer of microbal genetics in Australia
CAUGHLEY, Graeme James (1937-1994), assistant chief, CSIRO Division of Wildlife
CAULFIELD, Harold William (1918-1994), horticulturist
CHALK, Gordon William Wesley (Sir) (1913-1991), politician
CHALLENDER, Stuart David (1947-1991), musician and conductor
CHANG, Victor Peter (1936-1991), heart surgeon and murder victim
CHAPMAN, Dora (c1911-1995), art teacher
CHAPMAN, Ivan Douglas (1919-1994), TV journalist, producer and military historian
CHISHOLM, Keith Bruce (1918-1991), air force officer
CHRISTIE, Vernon Howard Colville (Sir) (1909-1994), accountant, company director and politician
CINDRIC, Joseph (1906-1994), street figure, Sydney
CLARK, Charles Manning Hope (1915-1991), historian
CLEMENTS, Frederick William Arthur (1904-1995), lecturer, nutrition and child health
CLEMENTS, Kenneth John (1905-1992), Anglican bishop
CLOSE, Robert Shaw (1903-1995), author
COATE, Edward Earnest (1908-1995), air force officer
COATES, Ernest William (Sir) (1916-1994), public servant
COBBY, Arthur Henry (1894-1995), air force officer
COE, Kelvin (1947-1992), dancer
COLDHAM, Peter Abernethy (Justice) (1919-1995), pilot, deputy president, Australian Conciliation and Arbitration Commission; acting deputy president, Industrial Relations Commission; QC, judge
COLE, Tom (1906-1995), author and crocodile shooter
COLLIER, Harry (1908-1994), footballer and sports commentator
COLLINS, Stanley John (1911-1992), cattle grazier, businessman and philanthropist
COLLIVER, Frederick Stanley (1908-1991), naturalist and librarian
CONNOR, Marjorie (1906-1991), nursing administrator and educator
COOPER, Jessie (c1914-1993), politician
CORMACK, Magnus Cameron (Sir) (1906-1994), Liberal senator and president of the Senate
COSTANZO, Evasio (1921-1993), Italian community leader and newspaper editor
COURTICE, Frederick Colin (1911-1992), medical researcher
COX, Ronald Hubert (1914-1992), air force officer
CRAIG, Diana (1912-1992), orthoptist
CRAMER, John Oscar (Sir) (1896-1994), politician
CRAMPHORN, Rex (1941-1991), theatre director, critic designer and translator
CRAWFORD, Arthur Pinkerton (1923-1995), politician and surgeon
CRAWFORD, Hector William (1913-1991), entertainment entrepreneur and producer
CRAWFORD, John Herbert (Jack) (1908-1991), tennis player
CRAWFORD, Raymond Maxwell (Max) (1906-1991), historian and educator
CRIBB, Margaret Neville Bridson (1924-1993), political scientist
CRONE, Donald John (1923-1994), architect (Centrepoint Tower)
CULLEN, Kevin John (1922-1994), medico and researcher
CUMMINGS, Clement James (1908-1991), army officer
CUNNINGHAM, Edward (1914-1993), grazier, shire chairman and philanthropist
CUNNINGHAM, Sydney Arthur (1926-1992), Aboriginal community worker 'Black Santa'

DALKIN, Robert Nixon (1914-1991), administrator, Norfolk Island, and air commodore, RAAF
DALY, Fred (1913-1995), ALP politician, minister
DANAHER, Phyllis May (1908-1991), ballet teacher and examiner
DANIEL, William Joseph (1930-1994), theologian
DARLING, James Ralph (Sir) (1899-1995), headmaster
DATE, Reginald Thomas (1921-1995), Australian international soccer player
DAVIDSON, Bruce Robinson (1924-1994), agronomist, economist and teacher
DAVIDSON, Donald (c1933-1993), Aboriginal activist and prison reformer
DAVIS, Beatrice Deloitte (1909-1992), editor
DE L'ISLE, William Philip Sydney (Viscount) (1909-1991), governor-general
DEICKE, Roy (1929-1995), sugar industry pioneer and businessman
DELACOMBE, Rohan (Sir) (1906-1991), governor and soldier
DEXTER, David St Alban (1917-1992), military historian and public servant
DIBDEN, William Andrew (1914-1993), psychiatrist
DIESENDORF, Margaret (1912-1993), editor, Poetry Australia; teacher, writer and translator
DILLON, John Vincent (Sir) (1908-1992), public servant
DIQUE, John Charles Allan (1915-1995), physician
DISNEY, Marion Louise (1915-1995), community worker
DOWNING, Robert Reginald (1904-1994), politician
DUCKMANTON, Talbot (1921-1995), general manager, ABC
DUGAN, John Ezekiel (Darcy) (1920-1991), criminal
DUGGAN, John Edmund (1910-1993), politician
DUGUID, Phyllis Evelyn (1904-1993), community worker
DUNLOP, Ernest Edward (Weary) (Sir) (1907-1993), war hero, medico and army surgeon WWII
DUPAIN, Maxwell Spencer (1911-1992), photographer
DURACK, Mary Gertrude (1913-1994), writer

EAST, Lewis Ronald (Sir) (1899-1994), public servant
EATHER, Kenneth William (1901-1993), major general, executive director, Water Research Foundation
EATON, Brian Alexander (1916-1992), air vice-marshal
EBSARY, Vivian Richard (1905-1992), bio-medical and engineer
EDMONDS, Lloyd (1906-1994), campaigner and activist
EGAN, Clyde Joseina (1917-1993), army officer
EINFELD, Sydney David (1909-1995), politician
ELIAS, George (c1914-1992), sculler, Olympic Games 1936
ELLIOTT, Sumner Locke (1917-1991), writer and playwright
EMSLIE, Alexander Ronald (1916-1993), RAAF pilot
ERI, Vincent (1936-1993), author and governor-general
ESDAILE, James Claude Durie (1899-1993), naval officer
EWART, John Reford (1928-1994), actor
EWENS, John Q. (1907-1992), first Commonwealth parliamentary counsel, draftsman of Federal statutes and commissioner, Australian Law Commission

FAIRBAIRN, David Eric (Sir) (1917-1994), diplomat
FALKINDER, Charles William Jackson (1921-1993), air force officer
FARQUHAR, Murray Frederick (1918-1993), chief magistrate, criminal
FEATHERSTON, Grant (1922-1995), industrial designer
FELSCHE, Susan (1961-1993), first Australian woman to die on active service since WWII
FENNELL, William John (Willie) (1920-1992), actor, comedian, producer and radio writer
FINLAY, Charles Hector (1910-1993), army officer
FINLAYSON, Hedley (c1895-1991), conservationist and mammalogist
FISHER, Nellie (1907-1995), research scientist
FITZGERALD, Charles Patrick (1902-1992), sinologist and emeritus professor
FITZGERALD, Thomas Michael (1918-1993), economist and financial editor
FITZHARDINGE, Laurie (c1908-1993), scholar, teacher, historian and author
FLEAY, David Howells (1907-1993), zoologist, naturalist and conservationist
FLEMING, Ian Bowman (1913-1993), aviation engineer, industrial designer, aircraft designer
FLETCHER, Alan Roy (Sir) (1907-1991), politician
FLETCHER, Owen Maynard (1908-1992), solicitor and benefactor
FLEWELL-SMITH, Bernard (1898-1992), fruit grower and producers' co-operative manager
FLORANCE, Sheila (1916-1991), actor
FORSTER, Frank Menzies Cameron (1923-1995), gynaecologist, obstetrician and historian
FORSYTH, William Douglass (c1908-1993), politics, diplomat
FOX, Arthur Francis (1904-1994), Catholic bishop
FRANCIS, Ivor (1906-1993), artist
FREEMAN, James Darcy (Sir) (1907-1991), cardinal
FRENCH, Kathleen (1926-1994), community worker
FRIEDRICH (Hohenberger) John (1945-1991), community organiser and fraud
FRYBERG, Abraham (Sir) (1901-1993) medical practitioner and administrator
FUDGE, Olga (c1896-1993), Aboriginal community worker
FULLERTON, William (c1910-1994), fruit grower

GAME, John Aylward (1915-1995), neurologist
GARE, Nene (1919-1994), author
GIBBS, Stanley Frederick (1909-1991), Albert Medal winner
GIBSON, Edward Gordon (1915-1991), clergyman
GILBERT, Kevin John (1933-1993), Aboriginal activist, artist and writer
GOLDBERG, Samuel Louis (1926-1991), professor of English
GOLDNER, Richard (1908-1991), Musica Viva founder, violinist and manufacturer
GOLDSWORTHY, Leonard Verdi (1909-1994), mine disposal expert, lieutenant-colonel and George Cross winner
GOMEZ, Gregory (Dom) (1904-1995), Benedictine abbot
GORDON, Douglas (1911-1993), medical practitioner and educator
GORE, Michael Graham (Mike) (c1941-1994), financier and resort developer
GORRIE, Arthur Dingwall (1922-1992), model-aircraft maker and charity worker
GOTTLIEB, Kurt (1910-1995), engineer, draftsman, astronomer and Jewish community leader
GOWING, Dennis (Kevin Dennis) (c1930-1991), car dealer
GRANT, Arthur Stanley (1917-1995), DSO DFC
GRANT, Charles Robert Gordon (1911-1994), air force officer
GREBER, Norman Rae (1902-1993), nut grower
GREEN, Dorothy Auchterlonie (1915-1991), literature, education
GREENWOOD, Irene Adelaide, née Driver (1897-1992), feminist
GROLLO, Luigi (1909-1994), builder

HACKETT, Cecil John (1904-1995), physician and medical worker
HAINES, George Alexander (1932-1994), managing director, Adelaide Steamship
HALKERSTON, Keith William (1935-1991), company director
HALL, Kenneth George (1901-1994), filmmaker
HALL, Peter Brian (1931-1995), architect
HALLENSTEIN, Phillipa May (1918-1994), lawyer and activist
HAM, Harold John (1902-1995), radiotherapist and radiotherapeutics professor
HAMMOND, Ruby (c1936-1993), Aboriginal activist and public servant
HAMPSHIRE, John Brook (1918-1992), air force officer
HANCOCK, Langley George (1909-1992), pastoralist and mining entrepreneur
HANKE, Sonya Helen (1933-1993), pianist, teacher
HANNAN, Edward James (Ted) (1921-1994), statistician and professor
HANRAHAN, Barbara Janice (1939-1991), artist, printmaker and novelist
HANSFORD, Gregg John (Harry) (1952-1995), motorcycle and motorcar racer and driving instructor
HARDING, Harry Douglas (1913-1995), engineer and director, State dockyard
HARDY, Francis Joseph (Frank) (1917-1994), author and activist
HARRIS, Edward Charles (c1931-1993), Aboriginal community leader and Uniting Church minister
HARRIS, Maxwell Henley (Max) (1921-1995), writer, publisher and bookseller
HARRIS, Stewart (1922-1994), media, Aboriginal rights advocate
HARWOOD, Gwendoline Nessie (1920-1995), poet
HASLUCK, Alexandra Margaret Martin, nee Darker (Dame) (1908-1993), historian
HASLUCK, Paul (Sir) (1905-1993), politician, minister, public servant, poet, historian, governor-general
HASSETT, Arthur Lindsay (1913-1993), cricketer
HAWES, Stanley Gilbert (1905-1991), Commonwealth film unit
HAYDON, Thomas William (1938-1991), film & TV documentary maker
HEATH, Harry Frederick (1903-1992), headmaster and Public Service Board member
HELE, Ivor Henry Thomas (Sir) (1912-1993), artist
HENDERSON, Don (1937-1991), songwriter, poet, folk-singer and guitar-maker
HENDERSON, James Robert (1916-1991), air force officer
HENDERSON, Ronald Frank (1917-1994), economist and welfare researcher
HENDERSON, William George (1919-1995), army officer
HENNESSY, Noreen Eileen (1913-1994), cinema organist
HERMAN, Sali, nee Yakubowitz (1898-1993), artist
HERMES, Clarrie Lindsay (1920-1991), chief magistrate
HEY, Victor John (1912-1995), rugby league player and coach
HILLS, Patrick Darcy (1918-1992), politician
HINCHLIFFE, Albert Thomas (1901-1993), newspaper editor
HINZE, Russell James (Russ) (1919-1991), politician
HOAD, Lewis Alan (1934-1994), tennis player
HOBBS, Victoria (c1907 -1995), nurse and historian
HODGINS, Philip (1959-1995), poet
HOLLINSHED, Charles Neville (1899-1993), theatre architect
HOLLOWS, Frederick Cossom (Fred) (c1945-1993), professor of ophthalmology, medical innovator and aid worker
HOLMES, Cecil William (1921-1994), film maker
HOLTHOUSE, Hector Le Gay (1915-1991), journalist and popular historian
HOLYMAN, Hazel (c1899-1992), air-hostess 'matron'
HONNER, Ralph (1904-1994), army officer and lieutenant-colonel
HOP, Chu Van (1946-1995), Vietnamese newspaper founder
HUDSON, Hugh (c1931-1993), politician
HUMBLE, Leslie Keith (1927-1995), composer and educator
HUME, Len (?-1993), economist
HUNT, Hugh Sydney (1911-1993), theatre director

IREDALE, Robert Wilson (1913-1994), squadron leader, RAF, RAAF wing commander and leader, Amiens prison raid
IRISH, Ronald Arthur (Sir) (1913-1993), accountant
IRVING, Reginald Wilson (c1912-1994), radio and television broadcaster

JACKSON, Lawrence Walter (Sir) (1913-1993), chief justice
JACKSON, Peter Bowen (1918-1993), air force officer
JACKSON, Ronald Gordon (1924-1991), chancellor
JACOBY, Elsa Antoinette Ruth, née Stenning (1910-1994), actor, singer and charity worker
JAMES, Alfred Francis Phillip (1918-1992), editor, publisher and journalist
JAMES, Florence Gertrude (1902-1993), author, feminist and pacifist
JAMES, Gwynydd Francis (c1912-1994), publisher and author
JAMES, Jimmy (1910-1991), Aboriginal tracker
JAMES, Kathleen Nola (1933-1993), Aboriginal community worker
JAMES, Walter Senior (1905-1991), wine writer
JAMIESON, Hugh Gilmour (Gil) (1934-1992), artist and designer
JENNINGS, Albert Victor (Sir) (1896-1993), builder and businessman
JIMMY, Jean (c1912-1991), Aboriginal community leader
JOHNSON, Gregory Richard (1947-1994), professor of haematology
JOHNSON, Roger Kirk Hayes (1922-1991), architect, landscape designer and academic
JOHNSTON, Robert Henry (1924-1995), sales executive and chair, Austrade
JOLLEY, Leonard Julier (1915-1994), librarian
JONES, George (Air Marshal, Sir) (1896-1992), soldier, pilot and air marshal
JONES, Percy (Rev) (1914-1992), catholic priest and musician
JONES, Philip Harrhy (1931-1994), professor of environmental engineering
JOSS, Graham (c1930-1993), city council clerk and murder victim
JOYCE, Eileen (1908-1991), pianist

KAATEN, Sverre Andreas (1908-1991), Norwegian-born skier
KAMENKA, Eugene (1928-1994), historian, social science
KANGAN, Myer (1917-1991), community leader, Jewish leader and public servant
KEANEY, John (Father) (?-1992), archivist and historian
KEESING, Nancy Florence (1923-1993), writer
KELLY, Kevin Thomas (1910-1994), diplomat, church worker and Catholic thinker
KELSALL, George Arthur (1905-1994), physician
KEMP, Charles Denton (Ref) (1911-1993), economist and activist
KEMP, Richard (1945-1995), medical practitioner
KERR, Henry William (Bill) (1901-1993), sugar industry research administrator
KERR, John Robert (Sir) (1914-1991), governor-general, lawyer and judge
KERSHAW, Alister (1921-1995), poet and author
KEYS, Eileen Constance (1903-1992), potter
KHEMLANI, Tirath Hassaram (c1921-1991), loans affair
KIKI, Albert Maori (1931-1993), author and politician
KING, Charles Denison (1912-1991), naturalist
KING, Gordon (1900-1991), professor of surgery
KINGSTON, Mary (Molly) (1911-1992), pioneer and women lawyer
KINLOCH, Hector Gilchrist (1927-1993), reader in American history
KINNINMONT, Jack Royston (1920-1992), air force officer
KITTO, Frank (Sir) (1903-1994), High Court judge
KNEZ, Bruno (1921-1995), theatre director
KNOPFELMACHER, Frank (1923-1995), academic and activist
KNOX, David Broughton (1916-1994), principal, Moore Theological College
KNOX, Horace Everard Arnold (1918-1994), air force officer
KOOWARTA, John (c1941-1991), Aboriginal community leader
KRISJANIS, Arvis (1909-1993), surveyor (Hydro-Electric Authority)

LAIDLAW, Aubrey (1909-1992), surf champion and beach inspector
LAKE, Grantly Sebastion (1914-1991), RAN Chaplain
LANE, Donald Frederick (1935-1995), politician
LANG, Frederick (1901-1993), photographer
LANIGAN, Patrick Joseph (c1925-1992), secretary, Director-General, Department Social Security ACT and accountant
LANSBURY, Coral (1929-1991), literary scholar
LASHWOOD, Harold Francis (Hal) (1920-1992), actor, producer and actor's rights campaigner
LAST, Clifford Frank (1918-1991), sculptor
LATUKEFU, Sione (Rev) (1927-1995), social science, Pacific Islands historian
LAUCKE, Condor Louis (Sir) (1914-1993), senator and lieutenant-governor
LAW, Francis Michael (1921-1994), community broadcasting pioneer
LAYTON, Reginald Joseph (c1921-1993), boxing trainer and promoter and motorcar dealer
LEAHY, Daniel (1912-1991), explorer and pioneer
LEDGER, Sir Frank (1899-1993), manufacturer
LEE, Albert (c1916-1993), restaurateur
LEES, Ronald Beresford (1910-1991), air marshal
LEMPRIERE, Helen (1907-1991), painter and benefactor
LEONARD, Jack Graham (1929-1995), Methodist chaplain, RAAF, radio broadcaster and ventriloquist
LETHAM, Isabel Ramsay (1899-1995), surfer
LEWIS, Brian Bannatyne (1906-1991), architect, educator and author
LINDGREN, Harry (1912-1992), spelling reformer and author
LINDSAY, Michael Francis Morris (Lord Lindsay of Birker) (1909-1994), senior fellow, ANU
LIONS, Agnes Mary (1908-1992), industrial nurse
LIPPMANN, Walter (1919-1993), community leader and (Lorna, wife)
LOBB, Harold Francis (1913-1992), musician and educator
LOVEGROVE, Troy (1986-1993), AIDS victim
LOW, Kun Ming (Dick Ming Poon) (1931-1995), community leader
LUDBROOK, Nelly Hooper (1907-1995), geologist
LUND, Ivan Bernhard (1929-1992), Olympic fencer
LUPTON, Joan (?-1995), hospital almoner

MABO, Koiki (Eddie) (1937-1992), Torres Strait Islander community leader and Indigenous rights activist
MACDOUGALL, James Claude (Jim) (1903-1995), journalist
MACINTOSH, William Frederick (1914-1993), army officer
MacKIE, Ronald Cecil Hamlyn (1909-1991), author, journalist and expatriate
MacLACHLAN, Byron Hugh (1900-1991), pastoralist
MAHER, Francis Kevin Heathcote (Frank) (1905-1994), academic, lawyer and activist
MANN, John (1905-1994), entomologist
MARSHALL, Charles Wooller (1904-1991), surveyor and mining consultant
MARTIN, James Eric Gifford (1904-1993), electrical engineer and army officer
MARTIN, Peter Gordon (1923-1994), botanist
MASON, William Darcy (1911-1992), air force officer
MAYER, Henry (1919-1991), professor, political theorist
MAYO, Edith Allen (1915-1995), community worker
McALONEY, William Simpson (1910-1995), Group Captain, RAAF
McAULAY, Ronald Peter (1932-1995), federal police commissioner responsible for investigation into death of Azaria Chamberlain
McBURNIE, Donald Hindle (1920-1995), air force officer
McCARTHY, Amanuel Ernest (Mannie) (1902-1994), champion woodchopper
McCARTHY, Darcy Patrick (1932-1991), Catholic priest
McCARTHY, Patrick Ernest (1913-1994), air force officer
McCULLOCH, Alan McLeod (1907-1992), artist and author
McCUSKER, Sir James Alexander (1913-1995), businessman
McDONALD, Bruce Alexander (1925-1993), army officer
McDONALD, William (Sir) (Jack) (1911-1995), politician
McGUIRE, Frances Margaret (1900-1995), biochemist and author
McGUIRE, Marie Josephine Theresa (1906-1993), nun
McKELLAR, Reginald Vincent (1914-1995), army officer
MCLACHLAN, Ian Dugald (1915-1995), CB CBE DFC MID
McLEAN, George Thomas (1901-1994), tourism and hospitality industries entrepreneur
McMEEKIN, Ivan (1919-1993), potter
McNALLY, Ward (1915-1991), reformed criminal and journalist
McPHERSON, Keith Duncan (Sir) (1920-1993), newspaper executive
McSWEYN, Allan Frank (1918-1994), air force officer
McWILLIAM, Russell John (1894-1991), structural engineer
MELLOR, Theodor P. (1909-1994), electrical engineer and shoe manufacturer
MELLOY, Robert Sydney (Bobby) (1897-1995), estate agent, army officer and memoirist
MENSAROS, Andrew (1921-1991), politician
MENZIES, Pattie Maie (Dame) née Leckie (1899-1995), wife of R. G. Menzies
MILLAR, Thomas Bruce (1925-1994), social science, political science, international affairs
MILNE, Kenneth Lancelot (1915-1995), politician
MILNER, Ian Frank George (1911-1991), public servant and agent
MINH, Phung Nhat (1926-1995), South Vietnamese diplomat
MISSINGHAM, Harold (Hal) (1906-1994), director, Art Gallery of NSW
MORA, Georges (Gunther Morawski) (1913-1992), gallery director and restaurateur
MORGAN, David Archibald Stevenson (c1920-1995), director general and RAAF medical service
MORRIS, Ivor Gray (1911-1995), woollen manufacturer and philanthropist
MORRISON Hedda, née Hammer (1908-1991), photographer
MORTIMER, Thomas Harry Blake (Tom) (c1932-1991), union leader
MUIR, Ernest Jack (Jock) (1914-1995), yachtsman
MULLER, Desmond Otto (1913-1994), diplomat, engineer and lieutenant colonel
MUMBLER, Percy (c1906-1991), Aboriginal elder
MURPHY, Hugh and (Kevin, brother) (1917-1995), Department News and Information; secretary to Eddie Ward
MURRAY, Ben (Benno) (1893-1994), soldier, Aboriginal cameleer and linguist
MURRAY, Brian Stewart (Sir) (1921-1991), armed services and governor
MURRAY, Keith (Sir) (c1903-1993), chairman, Australian Universities Grants commission
MURRAY, Kevin Ross (1931-1991), barrister and army officer
MYER, Kenneth Baillieu (1921-1992), businessman and philanthropist

NASR, Sami Nicolas (1913-1995), geologist and oil executive
NAVE, Theodore Eric (Captain) (1899-1993), code-breaker, cryptanalyst; helped set up ASIO
NAYLOR, Bernie (1923-1993), footballer
NEASEY, Francis Mervyn (1920-1993), judge and author
NELSON Tom (1908-1995), trade unionist
NEWMAN (NAUMENKO), John Paul (1946-1994), Labor politician (assassinated)
NEWTON-JOHN, Brinley (1914-1992), professor
NOBLE, Rodney (Air Vice-Marshall) (1919-1995), RAAF pilot and engineer
NOFFS, Theodore Delwyn (Ted) (1926-1995), minister, Wayside Chapel
NOLAN, Sidney Robert (Sir) (1917-1992), artist
NOONUCCAL, Oodgeroo (formerly Kath Walker) (1920-1993), Aboriginal poet, artist and community leader
NORRIS, Zoe (Martha Gardener) (1905-1991), promoter and broadcaster

OATEY, Jack (1920-1994), footballer and coach
O'BRIEN, Bernard McCarthy (1924-1993), microsurgeon
O'DONNELL, James Hamilton (1934-1995), professor of chemistry
O'HARRIS, Rhona Olive (Pixie) (1903-1991), artist and writer (Mrs Bruce Pratt)
OLLE, Andrew (1947-1995), TV presenter and ABC journalist
O'LOAN, Roderick John Charles (1915-1992), retail company executive, footballer and army officer
O'NEIL, Lloyd John (1928-1992), publisher
O'NEIL, William Matthew (1912-1991), professor of psychology
O'REILLY, William Joseph (Tiger) (1905-1992), cricketer
O'SHEA, Barney (c1907-1993), Catholic priest and educator
OSTOJA-KOTKOWSKI, Josef Stanislaus (1922-1994), artist
OTAEGUI, Maria Pilar Moreno de (1935-1994), co-founder, Spanish Club; Ethnic Affairs commission
OVERDUIN, Daniel Christian (c1931-1993), Lutheran pastor and bioethicist

PACKARD, Mary (1928-1995), secretary, auto racing club and women pilots association
PALLIN, Francis Austin (Paddy) (1900-1991), bushwalker, conservationist, businessman
PANNELL, Nita Veronica (1904-1994), actor
PAPASAVAS, Savvas (Sam) (1940-1993), lawyer and community leader
PARBERY, Grace Mary (1913-1993), social worker, Domiciliary Care Newcastle
PARKER, Marjorie Alice Collett (Margot) (Dame),1900-1991), philanthropist and social leader
PARKS, Stan(ley) (1925-1994), city manager
PARSONS, Geoffrey Pinwill (1929-1995), pianist
PAUL, Victor Barry (1938-1994), property developer
PAYNE, Alan Newbury (1921-1995), yacht designer
PETERSILKA, Augustin (Gus) (1918-1994), cafe proprietor
PETTIGREW, Alan Charles (1935-1993), political journalist and cricket administrator
PEWTRESS, Margaret (1932-1995), women's sport leader
PIDDINGTON, Sydney George (1918-1991), mind reader and POW, Changi, and Lesley Elizabeth Pope, (wife), entertainer
PINNEY, Peter Patrick (1922-1992), travel writer and soldier
PITMAN, Edwin James George (1897-1993), academic mathematician
PLOMLEY, Norman James Brian (1912-1994), historian
PONSFORD, William Harold (Bill) (1900-1991), cricketer
PONT, George William (1910-1992), trade union leader and judge
PORUSH, Israel (1907-1991), Rabbi
POTTER, William Ian (Sir) (1902-1994), businessman and philanthropist
PRESS, Anne Elizabeth (1903-1992), politician
PROCTOR, Roderick Consett (Sir) (1914-1991), accountant and businessman
PUNCH, Leon Ashton (1928-1991), politician
PURBRICK, Eric Stevens (1903-1991), vigneron
PUREGGER, Marjorie Isabel (1905-1995), advocate for women's and music organisations
PYE, Aubrey David Dick (1901-1994), surgeon and hospital administrator

QUARRELL, Lois (1915-1991), sportswoman and journalist
QUIST, Adrian Karl (1913-1991), tennis player and boxer

RAIL, Victory Robert (Vic) (1945-1994), racehorse trainer
RANKIN, Ronald (1914-1991), air force officer
RANKINE, Dorothy Leila (c1933-1993), Aboriginal musician and community worker
RASHEED, Kevin (c1920-1992), tourism operator and promoter
RATTEN, Norman (1918-1995), DFC, B-CdeG
READ, W. J. (Jack) (1904-1992), coastwatcher and government officer
REED, Thomas Thornton (1902-1995), Anglican archbishop
REES-THOMAS, Thomas (1910-1993), Uniting Church minister
REID, Barrett (1926-1995), poet, critic and broadcaster
REID, George Oswald (Sir) (1903-1993), politician
REID, William (1917-1993), Aboriginal mission worker and egg carver
RHOADES, Rodney (1909-1991), naval officer
RICE, Phillip John (1927-1991), barrister and judge, Northern Territory
RICHARDSON, William Yorke (1914-1994), air force officer
RICKETTS, William (Billy) (1899-1993), sculptor and environmentalist
RINGWOOD, Alfred Edward (Ted) (1930-1993), geochemist, synroc - storing nuclear waste
RISSON, Robert Joseph Henry (Sir) (1901-1992), engineer and major-general
ROBERTS, Ainslie (c1911-1993), artist
ROBERTS, Edwin Peter Spencer (1913-1991), wool industry leader
ROBERTS, Frank Edwards (c1912-1992), lord mayor
ROBERTS, Merrilie D'Arcy (1915-1993), headmistress, Ascham
ROBERTSON, Kenneth Victor (1915-1994), RAAF test pilot
ROBINSON, Brian (1934-1991), film and television educator
ROBINSON, Roland Edward (1912-1992), axeman, jockey, ballet dancer and poet
ROBINSON, William (Tracker) (1896-1994), Aboriginal police tracker
ROCHER, Raymond Leslie (1932-1994), builder
ROGAN, Francis Henry (?-1992), town clerk
ROMBERG, Frederick (Romney) (1913-1992), architect
ROOM, Tom (c1908-1994), businessman and community leader
ROSE, Frederick George Godfrey (1915-1991), anthropologist, professor
ROUNTREE, Phyllis Margaret (1911-1994), microbiologist and bacteriologist
ROXBURGH, Rachel (1915-1991), art teacher, artist and author
RUDD, George Frederick Elliott (1910-1993), historian
RUNDLE, Francis Felix (1910-1993), professor surgery dean medicine
RUSSELL, Robert Reid (Bob( (1905-1993), sugar industry leader and company chairman
RYAN, Edward John (1916-1995), coal industry executive
RYAN, Madge Winifred (1919-1994), actor
RYLEY, John William (1926-1992), veterinarian

SAKZEWSKI, Albert (Sir) (1905-1991), chartered accountant and billiards player
SALISBURY, Harold Hubert (1915-1991), police commissioner
SALOMON, Horst Egon (1920-1994), property renovator and restaurateur
SANGSTER, John Grant (1928-1995), jazz musician and composer
SAW, Charles Stuart (Ron) (1929-1992), journalist
SCARF, Reuben Francis (1913-1993), clothing retailer
SCHUBERT, Max Edmund (1915-1994), winemaker
SEAGER, Joy (1899-1991), medical practitioner
SEGAL, Iza Joan, née Harris (1914-1994), obstetrician and gynaecologist
SHANNON, David John (1922-1993), squadron leader and dambuster pilot
SHAW, Mansergh (1910-1993), professor of mechanical engineering
SHEN, Margaret (c1941-1994), restaurateur and businesswoman
SHOWERS, Henry Arthur (1899-1991), rear admiral
SIMMONDS, John Howard (1901-1992), plant pathologist
SINCLAIR, Jean (1940-1991), secretary and personal assistant
SINGH, Gurdip (c1932-1991), palaeontologist
SINNAMON, Hercules Vincent (Sir) (1899-1994), farmer, businessman and philanthropist
SLUCZANOWSKI, Philip (1951-1994), mathematician
SMITH, Alexander Tait (1915-1994), pathologist
SMITH, Angus James (1911-1992), mayor, tennis player and sporting goods retailer
SMITH, George Ivan (1915-1995), Radio Australia
SMITH, John David (1934-1995), professor of computing
SMITH, Kevin John (1931-1995), parish priest and youth worker
SMITH, William Joshua (1905-1995), artist
SOMERSET, Henry Beaufort (Sir) (1906-1995), industrial chemist and businessman
SOUTER, Harold (1911-1994), trade unionist
SPARNON, Norman James (1913-1995), Ikebana authority
SPRIGG, Reginald Claude (1919-1994), geologist and businessman
SPRY, Charles Chambers Fowell (Sir) (1910-1994), director-general, ASIO; military officer
ST JOHN, Edward Henry (1916-1994), Federal politician
STAMPFL, Franz (1913-1995), athletics coach
STARKE, John Erskine (Sir) and (Monica, sister) (1915-1994), judge
STEELE, Joyce (1909-1991), politician
STEELE, Ray (1917-1993), cricket administrator
STEWART, Harold (1916-1995), poet and Buddhist scholar; Ern Malley hoaxer
STEWART, William Ian (1914-1994), director, Standards Australia
STOKES, Constance (1906-1991), painter
STONEHAM, Clive Philip (1909-1992), politician
STOREY, Arthur Stanley (Donk) (1909-1995), HMAS Australia
STOVE, David Charles (1927-1994), professor of philosophy
STREETER, Joan, nee Ritchie (?-1993), Navy captain, director, Women's Royal Naval Service
STRONACH, Nellie E. (1892-1991), army officer and welfare worker
SUMMERS, Don (c1932-1995), unionist
SUMMERS,Vera, Ada (1909-1993), headmistress
SUNDERLAND, Sydney (Sir) (1910-1993), surgeon and professor of anatomy
SUSANS, Ronald Thomas (1917-1992), air force officer
SVED, George (1910-1994), engineer
SWANE, Valerie Gwendoline Rhoda (1926-1993), gardening expert and journalist
SYRON, Brian Gregory (1934-1993), Aboriginal actor, film director and teacher

TAYLOR, Paul (1957-1992), art critic
TEALE (THIELE), Leonard (1922-1994), actor and RAAF pilot
TERRY, Paul (?-1993), entrepreneur
THIESS, Charles Leslie (Sir), (1909-1992), mining and construction industries entrepreneur
THOMAS, Wilfrid Coad (1904-1991), broadcaster
THORNTON, Geoffrey, (1925-1992), air force officer
THRING, Frank (1926-1994), actor
TIMBS, Maurice (1917-1994), Secretary, Department Admin Services; exec, Atomic Energy Commission
TINDALE, Norman Barnett (1900-1993), anthropologist
TOBIN, Alphonsus Vincent (1905-1993), funeral director
TOEPLITZ, Jerzy (?-1995), educationist and founding director, Film and Television School
TONKIN, John (1902-1995), premier
TOOGOOD, Louisa (c1903-1993), welfare worker
TÖRK, Istvan, (1939-1992), professor of brain anatomy University of New South Wales
TREEN, Francis Joseph (1920-1993), jockey and trainer
TRUSCOTT, John (1936-1993), theatrical designer
TUBMAN, Ken (1916-1993), rally driver and pharmacist
TULLY, Peter (1947-1992), artist, jewellery designer and gay activist
TURNER, Helen Newton (1908-1995), animal geneticist – CSIRO sheep breeding experiments
TURNER, John Stewart (1908-1991), botanist, educationist and environmentalist
TUXWORTH, Hilda Elsie (1908-1994), nurse and community activist
TYRRELL, Murray Louis (Sir) (1913-1994), official secretary to six governor-generals

UNDERWOOD, Erica, née Chandler (1907-1992), broadcaster
UTEMORRAH, Daisy (1922-1994), Aboriginal leader

VALLANCE, Thomas George (1928-1993), associate professor petrology and biographer
VIERTEL, Charles (1902-1992), accountant, businessman and philanthropist
VINCENT, Douglas (Tim) (Major-General) (1916-1995), AIF officer, commander, head, Australian joint services staff in Washington, Adjutant-General, Australia Army, and RSL chairperson
VOS, Roelf (1921-1992), supermarket entrepreneur

WARD, Russel Braddock (1914-1995), historian
WARDLE, Patience Australie (Pat), née Tillyard (1910-1992), community member/worker
WATERS, Leonard Victor (Len) (c1924-1993), fighter pilot, WWII
WATSON, Donald (1914-1993), orthopaedic surgeon and welfare worker
WATSON, Jean (1908-1993), typist, genealogist, administrator and gardener
WATSON-MUNRO, Charles Norman (1915-1991), professor of physics
WELLS, Edgar Almond (1908-1995), missionary
WHEATLEY, Alice Jean (1904-1993), air force officer
WHEELER, Frederick Henry (Sir) (1914-1994), secretary, Treasury
WHITBY, Fred (c1924-1993), trade union leader
WHITE, Frederick (Sir) (1905-1994), chairman of CSIRO, professor of physics
WHITE, Harold Leslie (Sir) (1905-1992), librarian
WHITE, Osmar (1909-1991), war correspondent and journalist
WHITEHEAD, David Adie (Torpy) (1896-1992), brigadier
WHITELEY, Brett (1939-1992), artist
WHITEMAN, Lewis (1903-1994), businessman
WHITTEN, Edward James (Ted) (1933-1995), footballer
WIGHTMAN, Lilian (?-1992), fashion importer and store owner
WIGHTON, Rosemary Neville (1925-1994), arts administrator and academic
WILENSKI, Peter (1939-1994), senior public servant and diplomat
WILLETT, Frederick John (1922-1993), university vice-chancellor
WILLIAMS, David Edward (1910-1994), philosopher, economist, farmer and Methodist missionary
WILLIAMS, Harold (Crow) (1947-1994), Aboriginal land rights activist and co-organiser, Aboriginal Tent Embassy
WILLIAMS, William Thomas (1913-1995), biologist
WILLIS, James Hamlyn (Jim) (1910-1995), botanist and herbarium director
WILLOUGHBY, James Robert (c1907-1993), Liberal party director
WILSON, George Thomas Jamieson (1907-1991), academic and sportsman
WILSON, John Gardiner (Sir) (c1913-1994), industrialist
WILSON, Ralph (1917-1994), theatre director, arts patron and high school principal
WILTSHIRE, Frederick Munro (Sir) (1911-1994), manufacturing businessman
WOOD, Frederick George (1906-1991), army officer
WOOD, Gillam Albert McConnell (Pat) (1910-1993), Presbyterian moderator
WOOD, Ian Alexander Christie (1901-1992), politician and mayor
WOODS, Frank I (Sir) Anglican Archbishop (1907-1992) and Jean Margaret (wife)
WRAY, Elinor Caroline (1899-1992), speech therapist
WRIGHT, Harold John Alfred (1919-1991), air force officer
WYNN, David (1915-1995), winemaker

YEEND, Geoffrey John (Sir) (1927-1994), head, department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, secretary to Cabinet, and ANU Chancellor
YOCK, Daniel (c1975-1993), Aboriginal dancer
YOUNG, Douglas Garry (Dougie) (1935-1991), Aboriginal singer songwriter

ZAKHAROFF, Charles (1905-1994), taxi driver
ZAKHAROV, (Alice) Olive (1929-1995), Senator